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She’s a beauty queen and a mogul – and full of shockingly amazing advice on how to master the art of being a diva! With a modelling career spanning 13 years sprinkled lavishly with bits of acting, directing, singing, and now, a standing among the world’s most extraordinary teachers – what’s left for Alla Folsom to do? We find out!

The question that has fascinated the global education industry since Russian beauty Alla Folsom made her debut as an e-instructor in 2013 is – where exactly does the sizzling-hot-super-successful model fit into this strait-laced picture of students, classes and syllabi?

While in a standard set up, a celebrity fashion model would instantly be trashed in the teaching world, the success of ‘teacher’ Alla, both critical and commercial, is indeed surprising!

Women of all ages are consistently impressed by her superlative tips and lessons; aspiring models and actresses pay serious money to join Alla Folsom’s private classes. Alla’s mystifying success story has even compelled teachers to take a sneak peek into the highly acclaimed classes that the diva runs online, many eager to know if she is for real. And why not? The education biz had never seen anything like this before Alla’s advent on the scene.

Much like a fairy-tale, Alla has beaten the odds and successfully metamorphosed from superstar fashion icon to a solid extravagant teaching icon. The model-actor’s vision of empowering women with flattering and lavishly chalked-out tips and pointers on beauty, money and men, has made her edification incredibly profitable and is helping her build a brand that has the power to sway and stay.

Alla is much more than your regular pin-up girl. Apart from looking drop-dead gorgeous in a series of captivating shots available on the internet — the 30-year-old veteran model-musician-actress also has some pretty good stuff to say on fashion, glamour, men, money and relationships.

“When I’m conducting my classes on the popular e-learning platform WizIQ, I’m basically just being myself. All of my advice to women on money matters, men and loving themselves, is what I believe in,” says the enigmatic diva.

Not very surprisingly, Alla has a clear understanding of who she is servicing and how to meet their needs.  She’s not just conducting classes; she’s solving the problems of the women who clamour to be efficacious.

“Making it big is often a matter of the mentors you have around you. I am the mentor that helps women see the extraordinary in them,” Alla says.

“It is my passion to make women feel empowered, beautiful and confident,” avers Alla. Proud of the connection she shares with her students, Alla remarks: “I understand my client, make her feel good about herself. I know what she wants and I believe my student understands that.”

Alla shares, with an eclectic mix of women audience through WizIQ, that she has grown from strength to strength on the sheer power of her belief in herself. “I endeavour to pass onto my students, the same belief and help them grow beyond the expected.”

From a well-bred Russian to education world’s sensation, Alla Folsom is winning. So for expert tips to feel like a queen a la Alla, and style your own success story, join her coveted course on WizIQ.

Alla Folsom met the CEO of WizIQ Harman Singh and shared her experience of working with the e-learning platform. Click here to view video.

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